I am trying to get a ground station software (APM Planner or Mission Planner) running on my usual Linux desktop. So far I can only work via the 3DR radio telemetry serial. Both APM planner and Mission Planner (via Mono) can talk to my Iris+.

But this does not allow to change firmware or to download logs, also the 433MHz band is quite noisy at home, apparently lots of packets are dropped and some other divices (e.g. a weather station with remote sensors stops working completely when the radio is active).

With APM planner I can establish a serial connection for about 2 seconds, then the heartbeat is lost.

(It does download some settings but is not finished with the full set of parameters).

The same Laptop works fine when connecting from a native Win XP with Mission Planner, using some downloaded USB serial drivers for Pixhawk. The serial connection works as well when using a USB connection to my Android phone (and Droidplanner).

I'm using Ubuntu 14 with a 3.13 kernel. The connected Pixhawk loads a cdc_acm driver module and creates a ttyACM device. I already disabled some modem related software, trying to auto-connect to the newly added device. But this did not help.

Is anyone using Linux on the ground station successfully? Any advice is welcome.

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    Please file any APM Planner Linux bug reports in the Issue Tracker.  The native Linux version is fully supported. 

  • I wish there were some answers to this! Very surprising that APM does not have native Linux support.

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