Help with figuring out a crash and subsequent wierdness

Hi Y'all, I hope someone is still monitoring this forum. Not much activity lately. Anyway, I hope someone can help me figure out what caused a crash a few days ago, and the subsequent weird behaviour.

Last Saturday I visited my brother, and of course my little nephew wanted to fly my Iris+ He did great! I had the Iris+ in Loiter, and Super Simple Mode. He came in for a nice soft landing. When the craft touched down I told him to move the throttle all the way down for a few seconds. I am fairly sure he did all this correctly, but I was honestly looking at the Iris+ instead of the radio. He held the throttle down, but the thing suddenly pitched over (back flip). I could not see any damage, so I set the copter up again for another flight. As soon as I launched the copter rose up a few feet and did a pitch to the right, crashing hard on its back. This crash broke several propellers and the gimbal mount. I removed the gimbal, and replaced the props for another test. After arming, I slowly added throttle but I could tell that the copter wanted to pitch over again. The past few days I calibrated the accelerometers, and the compass, then decided to try another test flight. Same issue. The copter wants to pitch over backwards. I managed to figure out how to download the logs, and I even had a look in APM Planner, but I really don't know what I'm looking for. Any help would be very much appreciated!





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  • Thanks for the suggestion. Re-calibrating the ESCs seems to have done the trick. For the longest time I launched the copter in loiter mode (I did not know better). I now launch in stab. The copter still looks like it wants to pitch over when throttle is first applied, but if I just apply throttle a bit quicker, it jumps in the air and hovers beautifully. That's all I have done so far.

    Did anyone have a chance to look at my logs to figure out why the thing did its first back flip?

  • Thanks. I just looked up how to do that. Really easy. I'll have to test it out tomorrow.

  • Seems to me that when mine did that, I had to do an ESC calibration to get each one to power in sync.

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