Help with Iris+ and minimosd

I'm in the process of adding a minimosd to my Iris+. I have the Y-cable built and it seems to be correct. I have verified this by seeing the change on the OSD when changing flight modes. The issue I have is that I don't get any RSSI or battery info. I have attached a screenshot from the OSD config tool. Do I need to change anything in MP?


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  • Which telem port did you use?

  • I think I'm almost there. After updating the Iris+ with the below settings I'm now getting battery information but still no RSSI. Any suggestions?

    SR1_EXT_STAT 2
    SR1_EXTRA1 6
    SR1_EXTRA2 6
    SR1_EXTRA3 1
    SR1_PARAMS 10
    SR1_RAW_CTRL 0
    SR1_RAW_SENS 1
    SR1_RC_CHAN 2 

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