I took my Iris+ for a flight with the gimbal from my 1st gen Iris, worked great.  Then I took the gimbal off to test some auto missions to make sure Iris was working properly.  When I put it back on with FPV transmitter connected through a y splitter and powered it up the gimbal started making a terrible noise and spinning end over end.  I immediately powered it off.  Now it starts, blinks green and blue, then just blinks blue.  They gyros seem powered as they are not limp but are loose and it doesn't stabilize or do anything.  Anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting?  Is the controller fried?

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  • Well the blue light is a good sign that it's working.  If the gimbal does not startup correctly or has something in the way it will not startup correctly and be as you described.  Make sure that everything moves freely in all directions and then power it on in the correct orientation.  The magic is the black square behind the camera mount.

    If that doesn't work here is a previous post that you can take a look at: http://diydrones.com/group/iris/forum/topics/tarot-gimbal-nor-worki...

    I have a version 1 with gimbal also and I have hit a few things with my gimbal and it's still ticking.


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