Iris+ 3.2.1 FlyAway and crash

Hi Everyone,

First post here. I'm hoping someone has seen this behavior before and can point out the cause.

From the logs it looks to me as if I lost GPS, but that shouldn't mean the craft behaves like it does.

As for settings, the only difference from stock is a 200FT ceiling, which I was not even close to.

I replaced the arm that broke and everything seems ok (arms, motors spin up, etc).



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  • If you look at the BARO information one of the items is temperature.  Since IRIS is enclosed and black it's a heat magnet.

    Also I graphed the RCOUT and see the motors went to max but the BARO relative altitude keeps going down...

    • Aha! No wonder I couldn't find it. Thanks very much for looking into it in the first place and letting me on some tips. Really useful to know!

      Interesting you mention the motors going to max. That was definitely me trying to wrestle control.

      I re-initialized everything over the weekend again, but am still getting drift in Mission Planner when it's just sitting on my desk. Any thoughts on that? I have read a bunch about the magnetometers and sometimes requiring several initializations, etc., but am now thinking it's time to move out of the Iris frame and more distance between the GPS and other stuff. That's my idea, anyway.

  • I always land in manual when it's a tight spot the sats don't reach.  A hillside or side of a building (maybe those trees?) will block them and it gets confused, then just feels like crashing.  

    There can be no one in sight forever, yet you fly your drone and someone appears to chat it up.  Just tell them you'll chat when you land it.  

    • lol. I know what you mean. I try to be the best ambassador I can, though, to let people know there are normal people doing this right thing out there instead of the lunatics they hear about on the news.

  • From the logs at the end of your flight the motors did not respond to your commands.  Either ESC failure or motors.  Given that the temperature was 54 degrees Celsius it probably got to hot and shutdown the motors.


    • Thanks, Michael!

      Can you tell me how you found this? I can't figure it out the in log viewer in Mission Planner.

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