Iris+ become uncontroled and crashed.

Hi guys,

It was my 88th flight with Iris+. I drove out of town, where only flat fields around but one little hill. And as the water still on field after winter and decided to fly right from that small hill.

All settings were alright.

Right after the take-off iris started moving aside, stopped ascenting, and almost didn't respond on my commands. So, it crashed, broke 1 black arm, no props were damaged, also fixing plate of gimbal was broken.

And i would like to find out what was the cause of such behavior and why it ddin't respond to commands.

So that i could exclude it in future flights.

Could somebody help me with log file?


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  • Logs show bad GPS throughout the flight.  I couple of GPS drifts occured causing bad rolls during land procedures.  Need to change to Stabilize to get the unit back under control.

    Check GPS wiring for poor reception.

    • Thank you for help. GPS is fine.

      It seems like it was interference all around there. Yesterday i was informed that somewhere near that place there is a military place. I think that was their tricks.

    • I fixed iris, changed two arms. and successfully flight today.

      Everything works good.

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