Iris+ blinking rear arm LED

I can't seem to find any discussion on this so I believe I might have a small problem.  My Iris plus has an intermittent blinking of the right rear arm LED and has since the first flights.  Is this normal or should I dig in to look for a faulty connection?

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  • If its blinking on its own more than likely the LED is bad and can't be repaired.




    • You are right Mike.  I tore into it and found a bad connection at the LED-ribbon cable, not easily repairable.  Did a temporary repair until I get a new one.

      Thanks to the forum for all the help.  I've been gleaning tons of good info for the last couple of months.


    • Hi. Where can the led cable be ordered? thank you!


      component LEDs, pre wired LEDs

      They are a duplicate item ready to solder to the PDB

  • The LEDs are connected to the main battery power by normal wires. There is a resistor inside shrinkwrap, and then another solderpoint to the flex-cable of the LED. This all seems a bit brittle. I had to repair this after a crash.
  • Thanks for the info, I suspected as much but didn't want to tear into it needlessly.
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