Iris crashed after screws fell out...

Hey everyone, I had a bad crash yesterday. One of the motors came out of the Iris and the whole unit plummeted to the ground. HERE is the video of the crash...The unit is thrashed and the gimbal broke off even though it never hit anything. After inspecting the quad, I found that the screws that held one of the motors in had fallen out!  Upon further investigation, I found that only about half of the screws in the other motors had threadlock on them. Anyone else experience this? I am going to call 3D Robotics to see what can be done on Monday.

Thanks all!

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  • So after THIS happened, I contacted 3D Robotics and I have to say that they were great to work with! They have really helped me out with my Iris...  Thank you guys at 3DR!

  • Sorry for your mishap Nathaniel.  But your loss is the communities gain (not losing our motors in flight!).

    So i called 3D yesterday and asked them to send me the new 10mm screws for my IRIS. They said yes and initiated the order as soon as we hung up. 

    PS  They also replaced my Tarot gimbal which never tilted correctly.  And they replaced my blue tall leg bracket, which fell off after the screw came loose in flight.  And they got my battery low level blinking yellow light to work again after it malfunctioned.  All to say, customer service has been good to me.

    • I should have added that 3D is sending the screws for free and shipping them for free.

    • I called and Angel (3dr) is setting me a free set of screws for my Iris.  I've had no problems and mine are tight, but I think it's worth putting in longer screws just in case.

  • I am going to upload a video and images once I get them off my gopro...

  • This is how they come.


  • With all this talk about thread lock compounds, keep in mind that it's only to be used on metal-to-metal connections. Don't apply it to screws that thread into synthetics. Not only will it not do any good, it will attack and thus weaken some materials.

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