Iris+ failed transmitter?

So I charge upall my batteries and head out to do a video for my friends' business today and epic fail.  Iris+ herself seems to be fine but I can't seem to do anything with the transmitter except tilt the Tarot/Gopro. That works fine but no other controls work.

Iris won't arm from the transmitter, nor do I even get the uh-uh fail tone when GPS is unsat or whatever.  It doesn't seem to be receiving the signal from the transmitter at all on the throttle channel.  The transmitter's telemtry receiver is working and I can see sats and all the other data.  I just can't fly Iris.

Now I CAN arm, disarm takeoff and land Iris with Tower so I have verified that she is working.  Also strange is I can change flight modes with the transmitter (alt hold, loiter, RTH, etc.) and Tower reports those properly.  So it seems like everything is working except the channels for the actual flight controls.

What the heck is going on?  I guess I'll load up Mission Planned and go try to calibrate the transmitter's flight channels and see what I can see.  Any other suggestions?

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  • OK, a typo above.  The throttle channel seems to work but the right stick (needed to arm disarm and maneuver) does not.  I just tested her again tied down, armed with tower, ran the throttle up, but no reaction to slewing the right stick or to trying to disarm with the right stick.  Then disarmed fine with Tower.  So maybe it is only the pots or connectors for the right stick that is FUBAR?  Although it did not seem to change pitch in reaction to left right "rudder" movement of the left stick either.

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