IRIS fell out of the sky!

Hello everyone,

The other day I had my IRIS fall out of the sky (about 20ft) into a tree. I was actually glad it landed where it did because it was a small tree that broke its fall, and if it had hit the ground I'm fairly certain something would have broke.

This is the video from it. I explain how everything went down in the video below. 

I have also attached the log from this flight.

So far I have had some people point out that my battery voltage was 10.5v at the start of the flight, my IRIS should be hovering at about half throttle instead of 1/4-1/3 throttle, and that I switched between flight modes to fast.

what do you guys think??

2014-05-14 12-37-12.log

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  • You started at 10.5 ?? That is Failsafe for most of us
    • It was one of the 3DR batteries, and it had a full charge on it. When I charged it after the flight on my charger (a good charger) it only took in about 2000mah. 

  • I see it, but try this:

  • I don't see a video… anyone else?

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