Iris + FPV monitor mount - not good

I have the Iris+ Black Pearl FPV kit and installed the monitor to the transmitter per directions.  But it is a loosey sloppy wiggly mess.  Does anyone have a better way to mount the monitor?  Or maybe a way to just stabilize it a bit?

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  • Evolution3d is the best thing I've tried. Might just order another. Fits on the Iris+ radio fine, but would have to file a little clearance for the antenna on my DX8 Spektrum.

  • Steve, I used the new monitor mount a couple of times this week.  It is fantastic. Extremely solid and the angle worked out OK for me, too.  Very clever and effective design and well worth the $ for any Iris+ owner...  or any FrSky owner.

  • Well, I clicked on the link Steve provided and bought that.  It is a really good mount... very solid and way better than OEM.  But... by clicking on that link I missed that Evolution3D now also makes a "deluxe" model that is substantially better.  The basic model I got has a screw that is kind of hard to grab and tighten and the monitor angle is a bit steep for me, especially with the sun screen attached..  The deluxe model is a lot better (adjustable angle and nice big plastic knob) but is $44 vs $29.  Both are a lot of $ for a little bit of plastic but worth it IMHO since the 3DR FPV kit doesn't have a decent mount.  I'll probably keep the one I have and use it for now and order a deluxe sometime soon. 

  • I had the same issue with mine.  To solve the problem I used JB Weld.  its an automotive product, and hardens literally like a rock.  First I unscrewed the mount post from the Tx then used JBW to permanently keep it from unscrewing.   I had one instance when the FPV monitor twisted and pushed my finger enough to switch the #7 channel switch and I landed unintentionally in  some tall weeds.    I also replaced the aluminum screw in the bottom of the monitor with a grade 7 bolt with a lock washer to keep that bolt and mounting point secure as well.  Now when I mount the monitor, I use the allen wrench and tighten everyting up nice.  haven't had one problem since.  If you need some pix let me know  

    I also used JBW to mount two attachment points on either side of the radio.  Now I clip my neck strap on the outside ends of the Tx and when I look at the Tx I can actually read the telemetry data instead of seeing my neck strap connected to the middle of the T

  • I came here to tell him not to bother because there aren't any good solutions. Now I think I'll be ordering that mount and ditching my tripod ;-)

    @Ray. A black perl on a tripod isn't too bad. This mount is better, but if you prefer to have an android tablet mounted, then it's not to bad to carry around a separate tripod with the monitor on that.
  • Excellent, just what I was looking for.  Ordered!

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