IRIS+ going on a diet, time to lose some weight.

Kind of started to make these things, about 60% weight reduction in the arms. There are some legs too. Graphite tubing protects the motor wires, makes them strong and modular. I need to add quick disconnects to make them full modular.

I need a broken Iris+ main body,  I see some things that can be improved and would like to remove the soldering gun from this hobby. 


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  • Why would you want to remove the soldering gun?

    • Why on earth wouldn't you want to remove the soldering gun?
    • Because as the inacperianced opreators start to get into the hobby,99.99999999% of people will wreck their drones and will not know how to solder. 

      Remove the soldering iron, make it modular, and expand the market. 

      For 3dRobotics this also reduces the RMA shipping time and costs. 

  • Interesting. Good luck and keep us posted.
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