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Is anyone interested in analyzing my recent log?  I have sent it to 3DR and hope to hear from them soon.  I flew Sunday and had a major issue.  I flew with my GoPro mounted to the nose.  Right from the start it seemed to really strain to get it the air and the throttle became really unresponsive.  I could not make it gain or lose elevation, it moved on its own, or very delayed from what I did.  As soon as I realized ( 15 seconds in ) that it was having issues I spent the ext 2 minutes trying to get it on the ground.  It went up and down erractically, very scary... finally got it down and shut it down instantly.  Any help would be greatly the battery was full and I had 11 gps.


2015-04-12 08-56-29.tlog

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  • I had the exact same thing happen to me when I mounted the GoPro on the nose. 

    It was on a uploaded mission and in the middle it went haywire, it throttled up and down erratically, I called it back to RTL, but it lost itself so I switched to manual and didn't respond and it swerved wildly, throttle on, throttle off until it crashed into a powerline and on to the road. 

    Wifi was off, it had full power, has been saying High Hdop and bad gyro in the middle of the flight logs. 

    2015-04-09 16-04-46.tlog
  • Did you download this from the mission planner??  You might be able to troubleshoot through that.

  • Thanks for the info i will bring it up with 3dr if they get back with me
    • Sounds very similar to the trouble I was having April 10 flying. It would land itself hard and bounce back up and fly a little then hit the ground again. I couldn't control it. The transmitter did start beeping at me to put new batteries in it. Which I did. Monday I got on the phone with 3dr tech support and they walked me through resetting everything and re calibrations. Also, interesting to note-my flight log from that night said it was flying at the hobby shop where I bought it a couple months ago. I was nowhere near it. I have yet to be able to go fly since resetting everything. When I do I will let you know. But I do know that 3dr can help you on the phone pretty quickly.


    • Please do let me know, 3DR hasn't had time yet to look over my log , I would like to know what they had you re calibrate, seems like I have done them all.

    • They had me do the factory reset, esc, accelerometer, compass, and radio claibration.

      But when I asked about the flight log showing it at the hobby shop, first response was that I didn't clear mission after being there. I have never loaded a mission and never flew it anywhere near the hobby shop. They flew it to test it, but I've had it aleast 2 months and lots of flights with no problem whatsoever. He also had me right click on mission planner to remove the ( non exsitent ) waypoints and delete ( non existent) mission.

      Now, the thing that started all the problems was when I first connected to Mission Planner- I clicked on the wizard in intial setup. Don't do that they said. All I wanted to do was set my geo fence limits where I wanted them. And even then, things were okay for a few flights.

      They are pretty helpful on the phone. I'm sure they hear of other wierd things that they don't really have an answer for, but they will try.

  • Hi Forrest.

    Sounds strangely similar to my flight. Up and down erratically.  like the motors power up and then down. my throttle was also un responsive.   Unfortunately, before my flight ended my IRIS had climbed to over 1000 feet and eventually plummeted to earth from 100-200 feet.  I do have a post titled Zero Throttle Flight to 1000 Ft.    When I sent the log to 3DR (and eventually the IRIS as well) they told me ...and I quote  "The root cause of the crash were the vibration readings, the vibrations caused altitude readings to compensate for it falling when it wasn't."   I don't know what caused your issue, but perhaps you could check the vibration levels in the log.

    • Were you in LTR mode, if so switching it to STD may of fixed the Iris+ from climbing. As in STR mode you are in total control. Better than having it climb 1000 feet, which could of been really dangerious.
  • Well I do know someone had erratic movement due to the controller batteries being too low. Even though the controller would turn on, does not mean it has enough power. Just don't know why strapping the gopro to the nose would give you behavior like that.

    Did you happen to have wifi on for your gopro, as that could/might cause that problem?
    • The wifi was off and the batteries in the controller are new, very odd behavior
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