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Hello all,

I have had the Iris for about 7 flights, 5 were crashes, that is fixed now, but I can be paranoid so I have a question.

I had a hard time getting the Iris to shut down when I landed it today, I assume that with the sort legs the iris was not on a smooth enough surface and it had a bit of motion and assumed that it was not on the ground?  Does this make sense?


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  • If you haven't already, upgrade your Arducopter firmware to 3.2.1. There were improvements made in the landing routine. I also learned, that if you're using the LAND or RTL to stay off the throttle until the Iris has landed itself and throttled down automatically. I thought I was being safe and would manually try to throttle down as soon as it touched down. Nope - let the Iris do it by itself when using these modes. It will power down and stop the props within 5 seconds by itself (when using these modes).

    When manually landing, doing as Erik states works for me.

    • I have the latest firmware, i will pull the log later today. I hope that it is due to a wobbly landing zone with 1 leg not firmly down.
    • I thnk what we are all saying, without saying it, is that no it's not because of a wobbly landing zone. We've all had that situation - short legs or long. The internal logic is simple. If the throttle is all the way down and the internal barometer does not report any decrease in altitude, then the Iris concludes it has landed.

      Also, this is a pretty common thing for new users to ask about and its almost always because they aren't holding the throttle down long enough... to quickly they are shifting the stick to the left to attempt a premature disarm. (ie before they hear the spin down).
    • No worries, I would rather be wrong than crashing, My prev issues were the Iris taking off on its own and crashing at a high rate of speed. I will pay attention to how I land it the next time I fly and if I see the same problem I will upload my log for review!  Thank you for the input!

  • Developer
    Can you post your dataflash file or state which version of the firmware you are using?
  • I had similar problems at first. When you land keep the throttle stick down until you hear the motors spin down. You can hear it pretty clearly. Then kill the motors (throttle down and to the left).

    All that's really happening is that the Iris is taking longer than you expect to figure out its on the ground. It won't let you kill the motors completely until it's absolutely sure it's on the ground. I think this has been addressed somewhat in the latest firmware (which I haven't upgraded to personally), but at least for me, once I understood what was going on, I've had no more problems landing and shutting down.
    • Thanks for the response this morning it would sit for 30 + seconds and a couple of times it would start to tip on one side so I would take it up again and try to land.  I think that I will try the longer legs to see if it is more stable.

    • Something's not right. Shouldn't take that long at all. There was a thread on this topic in late February or March you could look for. Might be more info there.

      For me the procedure is simple and fast. Land, keep throttle down for a few seconds until you hear props spin down, move stick to left (down and left). Done.
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