Iris+ no RTL, or follow me mode working.

So yeterday I went out and performed a mission using droid planner. went well, a few minor adjustments and everything will work great. However I also tried to flip my RTL switch on my IRIS+ tx, iris never responded at all. The reason I beleive it didnt work was because I think I changed a setting inside the TX when tring to get the tx paired up with trinity head tracker from FAT SHARK.

I am curious if someone can please help make sure all my settings are correct for the tx from 3dr.

Also after i performed the mission, I tried the follow me feature.

No luck, I followed the 3dr youtube video on how to make it function pressed all the correct buttons including having it in loiter mode.  When i pressed the pause button it yawed 180 and when I pressed the follow me function via droid planner. it flipped back, It would not yaw, or follow the device. The only settings the iris did respond to when using the droid planner with follow me was the land function and altitude change function. 

any suggestions? or help would be greatly appreciated. Also curios if anyone has attached there FPV cam to the go pro while mounted on a tarot 2d gimbal, for framing of shots, or perhaps help on which VTX is used by 3dr to get FPV from go pro which would be ideal....

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    • What if in follow me the antenna telemetry usb connection to my phone dislodges or isnt connected well? Will the iris crash or just land it self? I ask because the other day when i tried follow me, i thought the telem came loose and i wasnt sure if thats why it wasnt working.
    • That's actually a real problem. I ended up duct taping the cable to the telemetry radio. For the connection to the phone i get a pretty tight connection and don't have to secure it, but I am careful to position everything so the connection to the phone doesn't get wiggled around or have any strain on it.
    • Yes please may i see an example

    • Ok.  So most of this video ( ) was shot in 4K Wide.  In Final Cut I used the Letterbox effect to add the black bars on the top and bottom.  I like using 2.35 to 1 screen ratio.  Its just my personal preference, but I think that looks more cinematic.

      Reframing Example 1:
      In the opening shot, you will see that the mountain is pushed up very close to the top of the frame.  Again, thats a personal preference.  I just liked that look.  All I did was play with the "Offset" slider inside the Letterbox controls to position the mountain where I wanted it.

      The original source video has a lot more sky above the mountain.

      Reframing Example 2:
      In the second sequence starting at 23 seconds in, where the Iris+ drops down between some trees, I didn't like the original framing.  Since it was shot in 4K (3840x2160 pixels) I was able to crop out a lot on the top and bottom AND the right and left sides.  After cropping, the frame was basically 1080P (1920x1080 pixels).  I didn't want to (or need to) crop more, because I knew the final video would be 1080P.  (Again, I like letter boxing so while the movie is technically 1080P, that includes the black bars on top and bottom).

      So in this case, the original source video had a lot more sky above, ground below, and trees on the right and left than what you see in the final result.

      In both examples above, I did not use the FOV monitor.  I had to wing it - literally.  So I was really happy that the combination of 4K in Wide mode, plus Letterbox and Offset, and Cropping, allowed me to reframe the shots.  I'm no professional, but I am still pretty happy with the over all results.

      Since your original question was about follow-me, I thought I would point out that there is a follow me sequence in this video that starts at 1:06.  In reality, I had the Iris+ follow me in the car for a lot longer (about a mile), but I accidentally left the spot meter on and the footage came out kind of crappy (exposure shifts).  I still wanted to include it because my family will recognize the road and I knew they would like that.  I just used the best section I could find.

    • Erik,

      EXCELLENT video. I hope to eventually achieve these type of results. What gimbal are you using?

    • Thanks!
      DYS 3 axis gimbal pre-configured and tuned from
    • I enjoyed your video! Well done what editor did you say you use?
    • Finalcut Pro X. But you can do this type of cropping and letterboxing in any editor. Probably in iMovie too or windows movie maker.
    • In the 2nd to last paragraph, I meant to say "I did not use the FPV monitor"  - typed "FOV" by mistake

  • Try this PDF for the original radio setup for modes.  Also connect to mission planner and go to the radio calibration screen and check that the switches are working.


    Follow me mode will not work if the tablet GPS has a high HDOP.


    I use the Live View kit from 3dr.


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