Iris+ Not stable on takeoff

I am having a little bit of an issue. When taking off on the Iris+ if I go in RTL mode during launching, it is stable and takes right off. If I enter in STD mode, and increase the throttle until it takes off. It seems like the back props are spinning at a higher rpm than the front. Which causes the Iris+ to do a nose dive. Or if I am in LTR mode (where the GPS balances out the Iris+) and I leave it alone, it tends to creep forward, until I pull back on the right stick to balance it out. Now I was going to do a "Calibrating the ESC" does that sound like what is the problem. I am very new, like my first ever quad copter. I was able to take off with the RTL at start-up, but in STD mode it just wants to nose dive. To me it really sounds like a ESC problem.Any help would be great, thank you.

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  • Just would like to give a update.

    After setting the sticks and trimms it is flying much better, have not had one crash yet.

    Thanks to all for the help.
  • Well the sticks were dead center. Recalibrated the ESC. Was going to do a test run, but it would not go green. Would cloud cover really prevent this thing from flying at all? It is a little windy anyways. Going to redo the compass anyways.
    • Im a pc guy :) now I do have a basic question. Can I enable follow me, but only use it to track with the gimball, and have me manually fly the Iris+? So I can make sure my camera is locked on to the target, as I turn a corner to pan into the shot.
    • Hmm. I think there is a way to that, but not with follow me. I'd have to experiment. The first thing I'd try is probably to create a mission with an ROI (region of interest) waypoint, but with no other waypoints (ie no nav to here waypoints). Then I'd start the mission and try to fly manually to see if the camera locks onto the ROI. Not something I've ever attempted, but could be useful.
    • Yup set the trims first, then did the sticks.

      Will do the log and send it over. Will just make a comment with it. Instead of a reply.

    • I'm not the person to analyze the logs, but there are plenty of people here that can do that. I started to look for a link to good instructions for you, but didn't know if you were Mac or PC. You'll find it easily enough though. The key is that you don't connect the same way you usually do. You go into the terminal, have to set it to pix hawk, then connect. The other thing is that you really only want to download the log files for the flight where you had the problem (which from the sound of it is every flight you've had).

      I suspect you will be fine with the trims fixed. But it's still worth it to figure out how to access the logs.
    • Ok holding off on the compass. Sticks were centered, trimms were 1&2 clicks off, centered them.

      How do I post a log?
    • Well if the trims were off, then that was your issue right there. So with trims centered, then you do the stick calibration per the video link.

      Then test before any other changes.

      As for posting logs, first you have to download the logs from the Iris+ using mission planner. Then upload them here. Getting the logs off the Iris+ is a little tricky the first time. Google it and you'll find plenty of videos showing how.
    • I'd hold off on the compass calibration. You checked the stick were centered, how about the trims. It would be helpful if you posted a log.
  • Thank you so much, all of you. I am going to try these things as soon as I get home from work. Hope I can get it solved. I will keep you updated of my progress.
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