IRIS old parts for new UAV

Once I do the IRIS+ upgrade I would like to use the old IRIS parts to build a new UAV. Has anyone here done something similar? I was thinking about buying IRIS internal plates, doing a mast for the GPS, and avoiding the top and bottom shells if possible. My payload needs are 300 g or so for a Canon S100 (200 g) and a fixed mount (~100 g or less).Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • Thanks for the advice.

  • I plan on making a new copter with the old parts too. However I want to use my own center plate so i can space things out a little more and use a larger prop. something the stock iris frames will have trouble doing. Just something to consider.

  • Did the same, I am too attached to the olle Iris :)

    IRIS+ Hardware Set $24.99
    3DR IRIS+ Shell $39.99
    3DR IRIS Plates $15.99
    FrSky TFR4 Receiver $34.99
    3DR Pixhawk with compass $279.98
    3DR Radio 915 MHz $50.00
    Total 445.94
    PS : (NO bracket for gopro)
    It's a hobby, so it is supposed to COST you money.

  • I have started a built like you say.  I made my own top and bottom plate as I just wanted a copter I could play around with.

    I do see now that they do have the top and bottom plate available.

    You still need to add a lot of parts to get it in the air though.  Your looking at another $500 to do that and you don't have a transmitter or receiver.  A new IRIS+ is only $750 with the transmitter.

    Anyway I will probably get the reset of the parts so that I have a test copter available to use up my spare parts for now.


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