IRIS "Spec Ops" Kit with FPV System

Hey guys, Adam with  A lot of people have been having some issues with their newly purchased IRIS's.  We sell an upgraded version called the Spec Ops kit which has all of the bells and whistles.  The first thing we do when we get the base IRIS is check all of the screws and fasteners, replace the motor screws if need be, install and test gimbal, install a complete FPV system, test fly and package up in a custom hard case with accessories.  We have a few of these left in our inventory, so if you're looking for the BEST IRIS you can get, check them out HERE.

We also sell an FPV kit for those who bought an IRIS & gimbal only to find out that you can't view the GoPro video.  That kit is available HERE

Also, check us out on Facebook HERE for the latest info.


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  • Ok, I crashed my drone - not a pretty scene - to include cracking up my FPV TX.  Purchased from Aeroworks, Adam helped me analyze what was still functional and what was not (nothing was).  And then at his cost, he sent me a new TX, to help soften my IRIS blues.  So once again, Aeroworks Adam gets an A+ for customer service.

  • James use our contact us page and our website and I'd be happy to call and answer all your questions thanks Adam.
  • I would like to plug AKRCGUY's business.  I purchased his FPV kit earlier this week, it arrived a couple days later, and it works as advertised. The two biggies for me: 1) a complete fpv system (no piecing components together), customized for IRIS, and sold in the USA.  And, 2) Adam's tremendous customer service... he responds to emails within an hour and gives his phone # if needed.  

    If i could do my IRIS purchase experience over again, i would definitely have bought Aeroworks "Spec Ops" system.

    • I also purchased the " Spec Ops kit" from Everything worked right out of the box.

      I later purchased the Diversity monitor from them also. My first FPV experience. It was super simple and just worked.

      Great support from Adam, too for a few minor questions.


    • Would you mind posting a pic of the system, they sent you? I can't find much description on their site about what it actually looks like or how they suggest to install it. That kind of info is really what I need to be sold on this solution.

      Also, did you use their optional monitor? I also interested in more info on that.

  • Never owned an FPV kit so let me ask a newb question:

    Does it come with a receiver that can connect to a computer for viewing the video on a computer? Or does it only hook to goggles or monitors?


    • Our system is 5.8 GHz so typically you would view using a monitor or goggles.  We do have an option with the kit to add a 7" Diversity monitor for a complete ground solution.  You would need some kind of AV to USB adapter to view on a PC.

    • Easycap. AV to USB.
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