Iris+ Spirals out of control and crashed

I had just run a mission that went well.  I changed the parameters to a higher altitude and reloaded the mission.  All was looking good. Green flashing light, no Droid complaints.

Upon launch the Iris+ began deviating from the expected profile so I selected RTL using the right switch.

No response.  I tried a few other things, but it crashed before I could get control, Two broken arms and one broken prop.

I have just started getting into the t logs (sort of new to this) and any help would be appreciated.

Glenn Spencer

Hereford, Arizona

cell 520-266-3443

2014-10-19 08-31-37.tlog

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  • But looking at your throttle curve, I can see that towards the end of the flight you have to give 100% throttle for a long period of time to keep the quad in the air. That doesn't leave room for any maneuvering and most likely was a factor in the crash. 

    Bottom-line: Your quad is underpowered/overloaded. 


    • Thanks for taking the time to look at the problem. 

      Does it matter that the flight was in AUTO, except when I hit RTL?  Can I control the throttle under these conditions?

      Thanks again

  • You have to download and provide the so-called Dataflash logs ( 

    The Telemetry logs (tlogs) aren't very helpful in troubleshooting something like that crash. 

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