Iris+ takes flight then lands itself thrice

I am looking for some  help. i had a couple pretty horrific crashes within the week. one broken arm multiple props bent. anyways I connected to Mission planner, BTW installed a new arm and flew it later that night just to make sure  I had repaired it properly. Iris was flying and maintaining hover at that point This was Friday night when all this happened.

I've downloaded the logs but don't understand what i'm looking at could some one please help.!!!!!2015-03-21%2013-57-50.rlog 2015-03-21%2013-57-50.tlog

Also as i sitting here typing this I plugged in the iris and everything seems normal at first then i started hearing this ringing about 9-10 beeps consecutively really fast, then a pause then repeat when it finally did connect with mission planner, mission planner has fail safe written on my virtual horizon....

Whats Going on??????????????

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    • Ok went through the throttle settings in the params. found some that shouldnt be that way, so Ive adjusted them. Armed, everything including throttle sounds better, gonna put on the props and see if we fly again! wish me luck!

    • Which ones did you adjust?

    • Were back Up and flying !!!! solid as a rock!!! so excited ! thanks for all your help guys!!!!

  • Oops, missed a parameter:


    FS_BATT_VOLTAGE = 13.8 -> 10.5

  • Your flight modes are a little off as well:

    FLTMODE1 = 11 -> 2 (Alt Hold)

    FLTMODE3 = 10 -> 3 (Auto)

    FLTMODE4 = 12 -> 6 (RTL)

    FLTMODE6 = 0 -> 6 (RTL)

    These are for an IRIS+ copter and not an original IRIS.


    • Im sorry I do have the iris+. 

      So i changed the parameters on the battery! and it worked the readings were much more accurate. However, just as i thought I  had it the low battery alarm starts going off and wont let me arm, plenty of  battery juice in the iris+ the tx is down to 10.0 Im going to install some new tx batteries and see if that resolves my issue. thank you again for your assistance 

    • Tired it again tx on, iris+ on, stabilized, found 10 sats and then gave audible battery low chime,

      TX batt is at 11.1 and iris batt is 12.3

    • Flashing red blue and green still stabilizing after 1 min of tx being on wont come out of stabilze  got the beep as if  it was arming then nothing still showing stabilize.....

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  • Here's the parameters I would change.


    BATT_CAPACITY = 10000 -> 5100

    BATT_VOLT_MULT = 10.1 -> 12.02


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