iris+ to Pixhawk 2

Hi - has anyone swapped the Pixhawk in their Iris+ for a Pixhawk 2?

How did it go, are there advantages, how did you cope with the different cabling, what was the cost, would you recommend this to others.

Sorry if this topic has already run but I'm on a small tablet at the moment and the research is difficult

Many thanks


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  • Hi David, 

    I have the Pixhawk 2.1 installed and will be trying out tomorrow.  The biggest issue was the top shell of the IRIS was not quite tall enough to accommodate it.  I had a spare top shell from when 3DR sent all initial buyers an upgrade kit.  I modified the shell with a dremel. I also mounted the Here GPS unit on the top with the two sided mounting pad that was included.  I'll get some photos up tomorrow, hopefully.  Stay tuned. 


  • Bruce HI - did you get anywhere with this yet?


  • I was searching for this same thing. I have just disassembled my Iris(Development model) to see if this is possible.  From what I can see so far, it looks like it is very doable. Wiring shouldn't be to bad.  Have you swapped yours yet?  


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