• Buy a Lipo for your R/C transmitter and just charge it with your regular flight Lipos. But watch out! The polarization on a lot of the Lipos that are recommended here are swapped. You will fry your R/C transmitter if you don't fix them first. 

    See here for more: 

    • Hi Christian,

      Being something of a "bull in a china closet" when it comes to operating on small parts, I almost certainly would destroy the connector if I used your approach. For my solution, I cut off the Futaba connector on the LiPo and the discharge connector that came on the 8xAA battery pack and just soldered red to red and black to black with a little piece of shrink tubing over the solder connections - works great. I use the JR lead for charging.

  • Matt,
    The one I originally recommended:
    will fit the stock IRIS+ transmitter very well, but you will need to change one of the connectors to the connector on the battery pack supplied with the transmitter. The battery dimensions are 100X30X27 mm.
    The one first suggested by Michael Burmeister:
    will, according to Michael, NOT fit. Its dimensions are 98X33X19 mm. Apparently 33 mm is too wide! I can't confirm that, but it is one mm wider than the dimensions given by Mike J for the 8xAA alkaline pack that came w/ the Iris+ (see above).

  • Thanks again Michael for the heads up!

    I will be sure to check carefully before buying next time. The 2650 is a perfect fit for the standard IRIS+ transmitter. Maybe I just got lucky, but I did check the dimensions before purchasing, and I knew it was close. I did add a back light to the transmitter also and that tends to serve as a reminder if the Tx is still on when I go inside.

    • Will this one work?

    • No the B width 33mm is to high.  Only 30mm or less will work.


    • Any recommendations?

    • I just ordered that Turnigy 2650 mAh from Hobby King linked to above by Jack Morris.  All dimensions should work compared w/ the 8xAA alkaline pack that came w/ the Iris+ Radio (TH9X) which measures 107x32x32mm.

      Now to figure out the connectors when that arrives.

  • I actually bought a Turnigy 9XR-Pro radio.  The battery is actually to small for this radio compartment so they use a large piece of foam and you pack it around the battery.  That's probably wise as you don't want to damage the battery when you through your radio down, I mean set your radio down.


    The 9XR-Pro actually uses the balance plug to power the unit. 


    I just checked the size and it's just a little too wide to fit the compartment area on the IRIS radio.  So this safety protected battery will Not Fit.  The 2560 battery is just 3mm smaller and must just fit.

    Erik can speak to that.


  • Yes, you have the right one. Good choice and good luck.
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