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Very new to copter flying. How on earth do I keep the batteries at half charge? I have a 3dr iris that came with a lipo charger.

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  • Thanks Michael.
    I started with the black charger. They replaced it with a white charger. The LEDs are doing the same thing on both. Single charging LED indicator light only flashes GREEN. Balancing lights never light. Charger takes hours to fully charge battery.

    Which battery charger should I buy?
    • That doesn't sound right.  Here is picture of both charging.  In all case they are red until done.

      Black One

      White One


      On the white one you did hookup the XT60 connector and the JST plug.


      Checkout this post also:


    • The charger 3DR is sending out with the Iris+ is the white charger in your photos. I have everything connected like yours. It only flashes green. It's the second charger they have sent me and it only flashes green! I don't know what to do next!
    • Seems to me that the charger is not seeing your battery.  Either the XT60 connector is bad or the JST connector.  But you say the battery charges after a few hours and it would say about 12.5 volts on the IRIS.

      On my white unit one of the wires going to the XT60 connector came off as it was a bad solder connection.  The unit would go into charge and then all of sudden the green light would start to flash and all the red LEDs alternated.


    • I stopped by 3DR yesterday and everything is now working. Thank you for your help.
  • I am new and have a question about the charger that comes with the Iris+. Everything I read and watch about this charger says that after the battery and cell balancing wire are connected to the charger, the cell lights will glow red and the charging light will start off flashing red then change to red & green, then flashing green and finally solid green.

    When I have everything connected my charger flashes green right from the start and never goes to solid green. I never know if the battery is fully charged unless I put it in the Iris+ and check it on the transmitter.

    This is a free replacement charger and battery from 3DR and this charger is doing the same thing!

    Can someone please tell me what their Iris+ charger does from start to finish?
    Thank you...
    • Which one do you have.  I got a replacement and it is Black where the original one was White.


      For the black one the three LEDs turn red when charging and turn Green as each cell is charged.

      For the white one the single LED blinks green before you plug it in and then solid red while charging.

      It turns Green when fully charged.  I don't use them anymore as it takes to long to charge a battery and they don't have a storage mode.


  • Thank you for all the responses.

  • Eric, understand that the half-charge is something you need to do only when putting your Lipos into long-term storage.

    Recommendations vary regarding what long-term means. Personally I have been using Lipos pretty much since they became available and I store at full charge routinely for up to a month or longer, and have never noticed any ill effects.

    If you are using your batteries say every couple of weeks or so I'd certainly not bother.

    More important is not to routinely exhaust your Lipos to beyond 80% of their rated capacity, charge them at a 1C rate regardless of the maker's fast-charge hype and balance-charge them every time.

    • Thanks for the reply. How do you make sure to not go below 80% capacity while flying? For example, every time I fly I connect to Mission Planner, and I monitor the battery level displayed in the MP screen, it goes down to 80% really quickly (2-3 minutes or so). I appreciate your input.   

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