Hi Team,

I write to see if anyone ( Air Novate )has gone through this error, or know if some sort of error or calibration settings. I've been flying my IRIS +, from about 3 weeks ago, perform all calibration processes, all without error, with the latest stable version of firmware.

I tried to fly all modes, automatic waypoint use for all without problem. But these errors and warn when upload the LOG, in Droneshare, appearing on all flights:

Error :

Error -> PM 76 slow loop lines found, max 10.67% on line 146594

Error -> Thrust Avg climb rate -6.99 cm/s for throttle avg 712

Error -> Compass Large change in mag_field (47.40%)

Warn :

Wan -> Autotune No ATUN log data

Warn -> Vibration No stable LOITER log data found


Error -> COMPASS_OFS2_Z  -518.0

I share the link in droneshare for any help or explanation for these errors :



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  • I have the same z offset errore in my iris+ and no one could explain me why, if its normal on iris+ or not.

    The PM slow loop i think is a normal thing that would be corrected with 3.3 firmware.

    Avg climb rate negative seems maybe the iris is too heavy or not calibrated well (esc calibration or RC channel calibration in mission planner)

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