• Google DYS 3 Axis Gimbal. That should serve the purpose you're looking for.

    • Do you know where to find the full instructions to hook this up to the Iris+. Thanks 

    • Go to Youtube and search "DYS 3 Axis Gimbal Setup".

    • I bought one of these, and was so pleased, I ordered a second one! Very well made nice peice of equipment. However I haven't hooked it up yet, on my newly bult Y6.

    • There's been quite a lot of problems with these FY mini-3d gimbals - I had one and it snapped in half even before it's first flight amongst other problems.  The Z1-Tiny2 gimbal seems to be the best gopro size gimbal at the moment - far better made than the mini3d and awesome out of the box performance:

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