Lost Iris+ ground telemetry antenna

So I lost my ground telemetry radio, the original 3DR one with the micro usb connection that connects to my computer.  Any ideas on how to replace it?  Can I just order the ground radio and not replace the one inside the Iris+ or are they paired together?  

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  • Just a note to everyone on here, you can purchase single radios on eBay..they're aftermarket but I'm going to try it out.  Several sellers have Air and Ground single radios in both 433 and 915. 

  • A tranus radio shud pair. Isnt a 3dr radio a form or tranus?

  • I have seen some "after market" 3DR radios

    Here ya go..... http://www.amazon.com/FLOUREON-Standard-Telemetry-Multicopter-Quadc...

  • From what I've been reading lately Steve is actually be right.

    I did read somewhere that another user was having difficulty getting a single radio, however if you're patient enough to contact 3DR they may be able to make something happen.

    If not then depending on where you are located I would suggest contacting NewGenerationHobbies, as the owner was nice enough to sell me a single radio at the start of the year even though they are listed as pairs on his website (great, fast, service also.

    Hope you can get this figured out,


    • Awesome, thank you! 

  • + What Craig P said. Problem might be finding only one telemetry radio. They usually sell in pairs.

  • Hey @Rhosyn,

    while I've never done this with an Iris'+, and you would more than likely have to open up the unit itself to access the radio inside, however by connecting both (one currently in the Iris+ & and a new radio) via usb to mission planner, you should be able to transfer the one radio's data to the other allowing them to pair normally. Making sure they are both the same frequency's that is (915 with 915 or 433 with 433).

    Perhaps another user has another way to go about doing so that would be more efficient?

    I accidentally wiped out one of my radios before and this worked to get them paired up again, so hopefully this will help.

    Best of Luck,


    • Thanks, I didn't think of this but I think it will work!  I'll order an aftermarket radio and try it out. 

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