I was thinking about how much I hate roaching blades and what would happen had the machine his someone or something living. Could we make the blades conductive and put in a device that measured for conductivity in the event something  touched it ( like a fleshy body) : so it would cut the power asap? I doubt this has been explored.

Perhaps we could used regenerative braking on the motors? 

I was thinking of putting a clutching mechanism but I think that would be overkill.

I know we will have sonar soon enough and Lidar based object recognition with machine learning, but this seems like it could be a life saver on bigger drones? 

Just a thought. 

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  • Well that "could" add weight to the quadcopter which would decrease flight time. I do see where you are coming from, those blades can do some major damage to your skin.

    I think even a "kill" switch would work. So all you have to do as an operator, is simply flip a switch and it shuts off the quadcopter (hense stopping the blades). When you manually shut off the blades, it does not take long for the blades to stop on their own.

    As an operator you should be in full view of your quadcopter at all times, so you should sense danger before it happens, and have enough time to react and flip the kill switch. Otherwise why would your hands be near a rotating blade anyways?
    • What if you could not see the device due to Murphy's law? 

    • Which would be?

      Unless you are flying it outside of your own line of sight you should not have a problem in seeing what may go wrong.

      Also as long as you perform safe practice, you should not have a problem.
    • Maybe I should have posted this on the dji board, they have a problem with fl

    • It's a good idea, dont get me wrong. I am not trying to sound like a jerk or anything.

      I have hit my hand on a airplane propeller before, it hurts. Was trying to start it up (so not at full speed). Just would take more sensors, and also give more problems to go wrong. If the sensors malfunctioned, and stopped your blades in mid flight because of some condensation I would be a little upset.
    • Not offended at all. I am thinking about the commercial drones too. I would not expect there to me much condensation being grounded, maybe that is another thing to consider. 

    • I like the idea, made me think of the sensor that stops a table saw blade from cutting off your finger.
    • That is exactly where I got the idea. lol

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