• Thanks guys, flying with long legs & gimbal.

    Went out today to try the new pids 13mph but had some good gusts. One pak, stayed low as all was ok until landing when the wind blew her over just before touch down.. No damage but won't be doing that again
  • About the most I'm willing to do (and still have fun) is 5 to 10 MPH gusts.  Other than that it's just not fun at all.  And I'm flying with the gimbal kit.

  • Depends what's attached to the Iris (long legs, gimbal, cameras, etc) and what's around you.

    The Iris by itself could probably handle 20mph winds (I've tried it before), but loaded with a few hundred grams of gear and that wind will chew up your battery in corrective maneuvers.  Also, if there are people nearby I wouldn't risk it.


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