Mission Planner question... or feature request

I need to plan an aerial survey mission for a friend's farm up in Pennsylvania.  But without being at the location there doesn't seem to be any way to get MP to home in on the property short of zooming and dragging the map around until I find it.  I have done that but it is a major PITA.

I do see that I can manually input the latitude and longitude to center the map where I want.  But that takes a few extra steps to go find that info with Google maps or whatever. Is there a way that I am missing to enter an address to get the desired map location? If not, I suppose it is a feature request for the developers.

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  • Developer

    goto flightplanner> right click > map tools > zoom to

    • BTW, I found the arducopter mission planning wiki... I promise to spend some time there instead of just flying blind with MP so to speak.

    • Excellent... too easy.  Thanks, Michael.

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