Mount for Nexus 7 (2013) on FS-TH9x RC

I have been looking for a way to mount my Nexus 7 on the TX, but haven't come up with anything for sure. RAM makes 1" ball mounts with 1/4-20 either male and female threads. I was wondering if I could replace the lanyard stud with one of those? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Here are some photos of my Nexus 7 mount with sun shade:


    Front view

    Rear view

    Tablet and shade removed, showing permanent part of mount still attached to TX:


    Shade and mount disassembled:


    Shade folded for storing (I had to put tablet on the edge of shade to keep it from popping open :():


    The shade is made from a single Meade "five star" plastic report binder, Gorilla tape and Velcro.

  • Hi Jason,
    I am very happy with the IMP Concepts mount, and it is very easily removable from its base. I made a sun shade for it today, and will post some pictures tomorrow.
    • Awesome. Glad you're happy. I am too. 

  • I had the same issue, so I adapted this from another design:

    Works great for me, though it's not removable.

  • When I ordered there was a note at bottom that screws are now included. Thanks again.
  • Thanks Brad, I just ordered one, hope its black, but doesn't really matter.
    • Also make sure you get the screws at the hardware store.

    • Mine was black.

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