Need 3D Fix

Hi Alls.

I'm sorry to put up one question by another. After I update my firm ware because of the control show all 0 value. Then the problem start. When i start to dis arm is show PreArm: Need 3D Fix.I don't know what is that and where to look for. I have no knowledge of this kind of hobby. I just want to fly and take high view photo. Does any one know any hobby shop near my area know about the 3DR Iris+ I want to take it there and let them make it right for me and ground it because my Solo is coming this Friday. I'm at West Covina CA 91790. Please let me know what to fix and who around my area.?



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  • Thanks. I'll try it.
    • Make sure you have gone through the calibrations involved when you first connect your iris to a computer running mission planner.

      Doing those cals outdoors is recommended.

      Neither of my iris copters would achieve 3d GPS lock until I calibrated it.  Then you need to be patient until the unit finally 3d locks. This can take a few to several minutes.

  • Because the IRIS has fence enabled it needs a 3D fix in order to determine your current position before it will arm.  That way if a fly away occurred it can see that it is flying to far away from you and switch to RTL and come back to you.

    The SOLO will have the same issue....

    You maybe in an area with too high structures around you and it can not get a fix on your location.  You need to be in a park or area with no high buildings or trees near you.

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