One motor is not spinning

After changing the flight path on my Iris ( not Iris+) one motor does not spin, it just jiggle. It seems like the ESC is trying to hold the motor in place. It is harder to turn the motor by hand when it has power than when it is off. I did the ESC calibration, I also changed the faulty motor but the problem is the same.

It is my first drone and I have no clue how to solve this problem. Can somebody help me?

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  • It is the ESC! I replaced the motor, did the ESC calibration, checked for the connections and sent a video and pictures to the 3DR support and they said I need a new ESC ...

    Thank you for your help!

  • Sounds like the 4 in 1 ESC controller is toast.  You will need to replace it.

    The way the ESC works is it applies power to four coils in the motor and then applies power to the next 4 coils in the motor and so on until all 12 coils have made a complete rotation in which case it starts over again.  In your case one of the 3 wires coming from the ESC is not energizing or applying power hens the motor does not turn.


      if swapping motors does not fix it, it may be the ESC.

      have you tried motor speed calibration yet ?


      put it in calibration mode, and test it.. when you do all 4 motors will sound and spin evenly

      if the motor does not spin then it may be the ESC..

      did you check for broke wires and connections ?

      if so then it sounds like ESC is bad.

  • sounds like one of the phases in your motor is burned out or damaged.. try another motor, if that is not it, then the esc may be damaged,,

    • I changed the motor but the problem is the same. I also think it has to do with the esc, but maybe resetting or programming the esc could solve it.

      How can I change the settings of the esc? Can I do it with the APM Planner or Mission Planner?

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