Order Placed Days Ago


Wondering if anyone can help.

I placed an order (R553082103) on June 29th at store.3drobotics.com and paid extra for the two day shipping.  Also received a confirmation email about the order.

Well, i have not seen anything at my door yet so i figured I would contact support, help@3drobotics.com.  Its been three days now and have not heard anything back.

Anyone know how i can determine what's going on?  Or maybe a number to call?

Thanks much!!!

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  • MIchael,

    3DR outlet is located in Baja Mexico, +52 664 104 3435.

    Good Luck. They are very helpful on the phone, but it may take a while to get what you need from them.  Patience!

    What did you order?


    • I ordered a Pixhawk flight controller and GPS unit.

      Patience is something I struggle with :-)

      Kind of just wish they would provide some kind of feedback.

      Thanks much 

    • 3DR is not amazon! They take their sweet time. If you order from them, patience, patience, patience...I have experience in this regard, order same product elsewhere if possible. My iris+ tipped and flipped a few times upon landing (before I figured out that you don't want to land with any kind of gps support, and also learned to recognize when the ESCs need calibrated). So, I needed lots of props! It took 3DR a long time to ship. Ordered off Amazon several days later, got them first. Some time later, the ones from 3DR wandered in...There will be no feedback, you have to prod them.

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