Please check my logs :)

Hi folks, no crashes today, nothing that looked strange.  I am just getting back in the saddle after a near flying career ending crash a little while ago. 

I took 3 short flights just to make sure it still flies, and I would greatly appreciate if somebody could check out the logs and see if everything looks ok or if there is some strange behavior I should correct before I start flying regularly again.

My plan was to stay relatively low in case of it falling out of the sky like a rock, also to check the GPS compass, and the Return To Land functions.  Everything seemed ok, but what do I know?

All 3 of these flights were on the same battery, fully charged just 2 days ago.  And I had Droid Planner 2 connected from my Android.

Are there any other files you need from me?  Files obtained via Mission Planner gives me 6 total files of .bin, .kmz, .txt, .gpx, .rlog, and Telemetry Log.


2015-06-26 17-26-53.bin

2015-06-26 19-24-38.rlog

2015-06-26 19-24-38.tlog

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