While poking around here and elsewhere I have seen some references to the iris+ going into a fall when the battery starts getting low.

I was under the impression that there is a battery fail safe which will initiate a RTL in the iris+ if the battery reaches a certain level.

Can anyone clarify why some people are experiencing a falling drone when this failsafe is available?

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  • There are many reasons. Below are just a few

    If your battery failsafe is set at 10.7 volts then when the voltage gets to 10.7 volts for 10 seconds the Iris will initiate an RTL which causes it to return to it's launch point and land or you can configure it to just land when the failsafe is reached. 

    If you have to much payload weight and your Iris can't hold up the weight below 10.7 volts then it will run out of power on the way home.

    Some people set their battery failsafes too low or override them and get into a situation where the bird falls out of the sky when the battery voltage gets to low.

    Sometimes people take off without a fully charged battery and fly say 300 yards away the the failsafe kicks in and the Iris runs out of fuel on the way home.

    Always use your telemetry. The two most important things while flying are to know your GPS HDOP and your battery voltage.

    Forget about % remaining. Focus on the voltage. My rule is to have the Iris on the ground before the battery voltage gets to 10.5 volts. Anything below that and you are damaging the battery and risking a crash.

    I never hit my battery failsafe cuz I always know my voltage and will be home before the voltage gets to low. You should also be somewhat aware of how many minutes you have been in the air. After time you will be able to relate that to battery voltage. The best analogy is flying a craft that runs out of fuel. People fly drones until they run out of fuel all the time because they are only focused on the act of flying. there is more to it than just flying the thing.

    • I see, thank you for the very informative response!

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