Please Help Iris+ & Mission Planner !

Last night I connected my iris+ to Mission Planner on my computer. I did the initial setup wizard and installed latest firmware(I think) and set some parameters as I wanted. Geo fence-RTL-battery warning.

This morning I go to connect to make sure it's as I intended. Will not connect. I rebooted-still won't connect. I uninstalled Mission Planner on my computer-then reinstalled- still won't connect.

Should I do the wizard again-or should I have not done it the first time ? Have I somehow messed anything up in my iris+ ?

Afraid to fly until I get some advice.

Thank you,


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  • Welcome to the Pixhawk world Jeff! I did the same thing with my Iris+, tweaked something, still not sure what, and got the whole thing messed up. I've read somewhere, NOT to use the setup wizzard, I did, a few times as a matter of fact. Then I went through all the pages of the radio setup, and rebound the radio to the receiver.

    I also turned off all the failsafe's and the geofence, attempting to eliminate anything that might be causing problems. Did all the calibrations, over and over again. One thing I noticed while connected to Mission Planner, is that there are 2 places where a drop down menu will have the parameters for the Iris+ listed. I'm just sipping my morning coffee, so don't throw rocks, but  I remember one place under the full parameters list, on the far right of the screen. "BUT" there is another place too, but I'd have to hook mine up and look for it. Point being, you'll get it sorted out, it just takes a lot more time and patience than say a Naza Lite, Naze or KK2 The Pixhawk is used on all kinds of robotic gizmo's, not just our Iris, so that's one reason there are a gazillion settings. Some have no effect on our quads, some will keep them from flying, or even running the motors. 3DR does a good job. I ordered a second Iris+, just so I don't have to worry so much about screwing up my only one. Literally took the new "second" Iris+ out of the box, installed batteries in the radio, and the Iris+, and flew 2 battery packs through it, right in my front yard, mostly in Loiter mode, sipping beer, while watching the pixhawk work in the wind. Pretty impressive! I did get my original Iris+ sorted out, except for a couple of the displays on the radio, so I'm going through the long process of checking the radio settings, side by side, so to speak. With all the Iris's being sold, I sorta expect a more detailed and easier "restore to default" "how to" from 3DR soon. You'll get her back, time and patience, and lot's of reading and tinkering. I've always bucked the old saying, "if it works, don't fix it" Ha!

    • I'm having trouble understanding the compass calibration. Do I select Pixhawk PX/4 ? Or if I reset to factory is the compass calibrated already ?

      I almost wish I hadn't done this,I only wanted to further limit the geo fence,


    • I believe you want PX4, and you should have "2" globes show up on the screen. And believe me, I feel your frustration, but that just adds to the "ahhhh" relief, when you get it sorted out!

    • I bet if I go try to fly it won't take very long to find out if it's right or not

    • Seems to work just fine. Although I don't really believe the readouts on my radio for altitude and distance. But, the revised geo fence settings are pretty close. It will RTL if goes against the 50 meter distance and will maintain altitude around 20 meters. So, I think with all you guy's help-it works good enough for today. Thanks to all !

    • Hi Steve:

      It was awesome to hear someone else mention how much reading and learning it takes to really understand the capabilities of the Iris+.  It can be very frustrating after spending sooooo much money on these things, then having to spend our time reading and repairing, and NOT flying.  

      I'm not a computer programmer or an electronics wiz (not even close) and the learning curve is steep.  Im optimistic because for me its like the learning curve I went through when I replaced the engine in my jeep.  And, No, I'm not a mechanic either.

      I'm hooked on these quads and hope I will eventually be able to spend more time flying and less behind my desk.



  • Hi Jeff:

    Check out the link below.  Mine did the same thing.  Connected to MP, and sure enough, the PreArm check message appeared on the HUD

    • Thanks for the quick reply !

      I'll try the whole thing again and see what happens.


    • No Worries. If It were warmer here, I'd be out flying as well.  good luck

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