Position mode in Arducopter 3.2.1 = Drift mode ?

I am testing the flight modes to find the most stable mode for video shooting.

I found I can change the flight modes in the Mission Planner and there are 13 flight modes.

Arducopter homepage explains that Position mode is not available in AC3.2 and higher.

( http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/flight-modes/ac2_positionmode/ )


But Mission Planner of AC3.2.1 shows Position mode available.

When I tested Position mode, I couldn't control Yaw with the left stick.

Position mode flew like Drift mode which is not what I want.

Here's my questions:

1. If Position mode is discontinued, why it is still appeared in Mission Planner? Just fault?

2. What is the most proper mode for shooting stable video? I found Stabilize mode is very difficult to control (and even STD mode written on the IRIS+ controller(FS-TH9X) was assigned to Altitude Mode not to Stabilize mode in Mission Planner when I first opened the Mission Planner)

3. Do you really use Drift mode for "a smoother and more coordinated filming result" as Arducopter homepage explains? (http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/flight-modes/drift-mode/ )


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  • Use Alt Hold for smoothest video. But you can get perfectly smooth video in Loiter under the right conditions.
    • I found that changing the mode is the most significant measure to remove jitters.

      In my case, I couldn't get any smooth video in Loiter mode at any measures.

      When I changed the mode to others, jitters almost has gone.

      What do you think is the key factor to get smooth video in Loiter mode?

    • I plan to (eventually) write a summary of this thread I started on reducing vibration.


      To save you some time though, the most important factor is a gimbal with suspension dampening. Followed by IMU calibration and balanced props (I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure the Iris+ props are well balanced out of the box - but replace them if they get any nicks or cuts or are bent in a crash). For loiter you also want to be certain your compass is calibrated perfectly.
    • Thank you for the tips.

      I crashed my IRIS+ yesterday while testing PosHold mode.

      Strong wind(4m/s~6m/s) swept my IRIS+ to a tree. IRIS+ went down and the gimbal broke into shivers.

      I found IRIS+ needs Loiter mode requisitely to take a video because in other modes, IRIS+ is floating and swept around by the wind. But the problem is that Loiter mode jitters. That's a dilemma.

      Anyway I decided to focus to remove jitters in Loiter mode (if it is ever possible) rather than trying other modes specially in dense concentration area. I found it is too dangerous in a windy condition.

    • my Iris+ with stock tuning settings and full camera/gimbal payload glitches in Loiter if the EKF is enabled. If I turn off EKF the loiter jitter disappears.

      Without the camera, gimbal and long legs it does not jitter in loiter even with EKF turned on.

      This just proves its most likely tuning settings. When I get a change I'm gonna do an autotune with the full payload and see if that improves it.

      running 3.2


    • What is EKF?
    • In 3.2 they implemented Extended Kalman Filtering. This link will tell you all about it. It's a set of algorithms used to enhance the flight computers ability to detect movement, velocity etc. and have less errors in the calculations while being more accurate than traditional methods. 

      The parameter to edit is AHRS_EKF_USE. If you enter a 1 it's enabled, if you enter a 0 it's disabled. I believe it comes enabled on a stock Iris+. 

    • If I turn off EKF, will IRIS+ be able to stay as stable as in present Loiter mode  ?

      or is it kind of trade-off between stability and jitter in Loiter mode?

      If Loiter mode loses stable hovering feature by turning off EKF, I am afraid I can call it "Loiter".

    • Depends on the tuning settings but it's the same loiter mode that was in all versions of Arducopter before 3.2 was released a few months ago. 

      Yes it will hover. the overall position drift might be slightly larger but it's still really good as long as your compass is good and your HDOP is optimal.

      I never turned EKF on until a few weeks ago. Remember I use loiter mode not pos hold.


    • Thanks!
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