Position mode in Arducopter 3.2.1 = Drift mode ?

I am testing the flight modes to find the most stable mode for video shooting.

I found I can change the flight modes in the Mission Planner and there are 13 flight modes.

Arducopter homepage explains that Position mode is not available in AC3.2 and higher.

( http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/flight-modes/ac2_positionmode/ )


But Mission Planner of AC3.2.1 shows Position mode available.

When I tested Position mode, I couldn't control Yaw with the left stick.

Position mode flew like Drift mode which is not what I want.

Here's my questions:

1. If Position mode is discontinued, why it is still appeared in Mission Planner? Just fault?

2. What is the most proper mode for shooting stable video? I found Stabilize mode is very difficult to control (and even STD mode written on the IRIS+ controller(FS-TH9X) was assigned to Altitude Mode not to Stabilize mode in Mission Planner when I first opened the Mission Planner)

3. Do you really use Drift mode for "a smoother and more coordinated filming result" as Arducopter homepage explains? (http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/flight-modes/drift-mode/ )


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    • Well it's definitely possible to get smooth video in Loiter. I shot most of this in Loiter while learning to fly the Iris+ (https://vimeo.com/121777897).

      A lot of those clips are stabilized in post with Final Cut, but a lot of them are not. The opening clip and closing clip were shot in loiter. It was very windy that day, which you can see if you watch the trees moving. I stabilized those clips a lot with final cut and I'm pretty happy with the result. Most of the other clips do not have much stabilization applied in final cut.

      Lately I've been using Alt Hold to get smoother video. I'm always ready to flip back to Loiter the instant the Iris+ starts drifting in a direction I don't like. I reset the Iris's position and try again. Sometimes it takes me 5 or 10 tries to get the shot I want. Sometimes I just give up and use Loiter to get the shot.

      If it is NOT windy and your Iris+ is properly calibrated (IMU, Compass, ESCs, Gimabl) and you are gentle with the sticks, then you should get smooth video.
    • Great video Erik

    • Thanks for the compliments guys.

      I'm still learning the Iris. It's been a lot of fun. Shot some more footage at the same location in the last couple of weeks. Got some great footage of the kids skiing as well as some of the top Alpine racers in the country training through gates. I'll probably do a remix at some point.

      Had a small crash flying in Alt Hold a couple days ago. I wasn't quick enough to flip back into Loiter and drifted into a tree. No damage but bad vibration after. The props looked fine to my eye, but swapping in a new set fixed the jitters. This tells me that if you want stable video, you have to make sure your props are in absolutely pristine condition.
    • Amazing clips!

      Now I assured myself that IRIS+ can take such a wonderful video! Thank you!

    • Awesome video!

      Thanks for sharing!

  • If you still see Position mode in Mission Planner your parameters did not update and you need to do CTRL-F and click on the Param gen button to see if it will update them.  You should see Position Hold in the list and not Position.


    Brocour used STD on the Transmitter which is what is labeled on the IRIS. For the reset of us this is Altitude Hold mode which allows the copter to drift without correction.  Stabilize is like mode one where you are in control of all elements and require some skill to keep the bird in the air.  It was the first mode built. On IRIS+ this mode was removed from the Transmitter to make it easier for first time fliers.  For the reset of us Stabilize is a copter saver.  When something goes wrong with the electronics this mode puts us back in control.


    I have only used Drift mode to fly with FPV.  It simulates flying a plane where you only have one stick to control the copter.




    • Thank you, sir! It worked!

      Position mode has been disappeared and PosHold mode has come to birth. Thanks!

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