Pre-Flight Check list

My IRIS+ came with a "Flight Checklist"  also available on the 3dr web site (link Below) but lets be real.  Don't we all have "other things" on our mental checklist to do before we get airborne.   As a newbie to drones trying to figure out the complexities of these modern marvels I think it would be helpful to have a REAL list so we can be safe and enjoy our passion with fewer problems.

I propose, all of us "experts" put our own mental checklist together here in writing.  I'm going to start it off with my so simple that I've overlooked it on many flights.

1)  Clean lens on GoPro    Doesn't require explanation, except when you forget and have to explain why                                                your video looks like crap.

2)  check Tx display.  Verify Battery charge & stick calibration

What else does everyone check???????

link to 3DR checklist

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  • I think the "biggest" checklight for me as a frst time drone flyer. Well my first rc I ever got off the gpund without having tobtrash it due tonle crashing.

    Is a split second quiz for the remote and drone. Ask yourself the question.

    Q: The drone is tilting forward to fast
    A: Pull back on the right stick

    Q: You want to land where the drone is at
    A: CH7 to on

    Q: You want it to return back to where it was launched.
    A: RTL to on

    Q: What is STD (no its not what you think)
    A: To fly the copter un assisted

    Q: You want the drone to over in a certain spot and self balance iself.
    A: Switch to LTR

    Most important is to knownwhat you have to do, without guessing.

    As far as a check list, make sure all the switches and sticks are in the right position, and everything looks good before turning on the props.
    • Sorry for all the misspelling and crappy text. I am using the cell phone, and I did not proof read it.
    • No Worries about the spelling.   I'm not the "Church lady".   Excellent comments.  Know what you're doing without guessing...sooo critical when things are NOT going well.

      definitely have to add "switches up" to my Tx checklist 

    • Calibrate it every time, especially if you've had a hard landing.  

      Quick pre-check for switches before take off in case you get in trouble for your exit plan.  Especially loiter, gives you a second to think.  

      I'm finding out that "line of sight" is line of sight of the remote.  If it's in GPS flight plan it won't lose the remote (so far).  Tree's will block the line of sight.   

    • Hi Heller.  Always good to have an exit plan.  

      when you say calibrate it every time, do you mean the IRIS compass?  

    • Yes, kind of like a watch or phone compass needs to calibrate.  You can USB it to your computer using the APM software.  I find it easier to use the Tower software on my tablet & use the telemetry.  Take the props off and place it how it says.  Something's off if it's not calibrating.  

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