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I am new to the GoPro ecosystem and wonder about finding an easier way to make settings, start recording, etc, whilst the camera is attached to the Iris+ gimbal.  Getting down to do that is a bit of a PITA so I was wondering if any of you guys use the GoPro remotes? If so, am I correct in assuming that they do not require wifi to be on since that is a no-no for Iris?  What kind of range do they have?

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  • The remotes are Wifi, but they have an odd little feature that comes in handy.  You can actually turn the GoPro's Wifi off using the remote.  At that point the remote becomes useless, but if you have your GoPro connected to a powered on Iris+, it means you can make adjustments to the settings without getting down on your belly and touching the camera (possibly upsetting the gimbal).  As long as you remember to use the remote to disable the Wifi before you take off, you will be ok.

    • But how do you turn back on the wifi, without actually manually tuning it back on via the GoPro?
    • You can't, unfortunately.  

      When you land, you yank the battery (which obviously powers down the gimbal), and then your good to touch the GoPro.  If you want you can hold the side button down and turn on the wifi again.

      Its not perfect, but it works.  

      To be honest, its kind of a hassle and I don't even bother with it anymore. I just get down in the dirt and adjust the camera manually.  I'll do one last lens clean, hit record, and then connect the Iris battery to power up.

    • All I do is have the setting I want, make sure the gopro is taking pics, or video. Plug in the iris+ and off I go. The 1 min. of useless footage or pics is fine with me. Then power down iris+ when im done. Never changed modes between flights. Pretty much knew what i was going for on take off. Also have video+images setup so I get best of both worlds.
  • Not a good idea.....the remote uses wifi to control it and it could potentially interfere with RC controls.  This is what makes the new Solo such a great product with it's ability to start/stop and change settings on the GoPros.

    • I guess that was my main question... whether all the remotes use wifi or not?  So they don't have a short range version that uses a different frequency (or even IR) that would be safe even if it was only good near the takeoff point?

    • I think it is the wifi of the gopro as well that could mess up your iris+. Thats why they strongly recommend shutting of the gopro wifi as well. So range of your remote will not matter.
    • Not that I'm aware of....I only have a GoPro 3 Black, but I haven't seen any other options available.  Both the remote and the Smartphone App use Wifi to control the device.

      If you find another option, please POST as I think many people would be interested....I even hate hitting the record button on mine as the gimbal shakes trying to compensate.

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