RC Transmitter beeps non-stop

I need your help guys.


I never fly in auto mode making the route at my laptop with usb antenna.

Last weekend i tried and it was fail one. Iris+ started mission well but during the mission i scared to lost it and swithed to loiter mode to land point.

But the issue that bothering me is the rc transmitter's beeeep. It started since i switched it on. I checked the battery alarm in settings, it's ok.... Even don't know what it is.. why it abrupt beeps, just like: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Who knows what is that?

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  • On my X8+ when I fly auto missions and the x8+ is in range, the transmitter beeps when waypoints are reached.  I think it beeps 3 times per waypoint.

  • Well,

    Genious Girl named Ryan Renteria wrote me the following:

    "you have done all the troubleshooting possible to solve this issue, up to this point the best recommendation would be to replace the controller."

    I'm sure she knows nothing about RC hobbies... Need any advise more.


  • I believe he talking about the transmitter and not the IRIS.  I would think something came loose like the transmitter on the back of the radio.

    Maybe you need to make a short video of it so we can here it.

    You may want to contact 3DR and see what they say.

    Only here the radio beep when the receiver is going out of range.

    • Ok. I made a video. Please advise what is that and how to stop it.

      Beeps Video

    • I'll will soon make video, as i need to change blue arm broken.

  • Hi - here is a webpage that gives the various tone references the Pixhawk makes.

    David Tipping

    • It's not the Pixhawk, it's radio transmitter to pilot with.

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