Repairing IRIS+ software remotely

Hi, I live in Chile, South America.

A few weeks ago I bought a 3DR Iris+ drone in the USA (Amazon)

I learned how to fly it and had a lot of fun. The drone came with a default "ceiling" of 100 meters and I tried to change that but completely messed it and now the drone will not fly.

I tried to reinstall the firmware from scratch but it did not help.

It is a software issue and there is no repair service in Chile.

Is there anyway in which I can connect the drone to the internet and have someone repair the software remotely?

Obviously I would pay.

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  • Patricio, hang in there, you'll get it sorted out. There's a whole lot to learn about these Pixhawks. Many, many variables, that can have an adverse effect, until you understand what everything does. I just saved my Iris+ yesterday. Reloaded the program into the Pixhawk, using Mission planner program, and re-did my radio from info on 3dr site. Here's a link to some good info.

  • Thanks so much Dear Dax and Erik, following your advice I was finally able to put my Iris+ drone in the air again!!!



    Best Regards


    • Awesome!

      It brings a smile to my face to see you so happy in those pictures.  If you don't already, I strongly recommend you use DroidPlanner (now called Tower) while you fly.  It gives you verbal messages like battery levels, altitude, warnings about errors, etc.  Its like having a co-pilot with you while you fly.

      Of course, Droid Planner (or the new version Tower) can also be used to plan auto missions and do things like "follow me." 

      And DroidPlanner and/or Tower can do things like disable your GeoFence... but I generally don't use it for changing parameters.  I use Mission Planner on a PC for that kind of thing.

    • I just noticed something.  It looks like you might be flying your Iris+ without a camera in your gimbal.  That can cause your gimbal to burn out.  If you are going to do that, make sure you unplug the power to your gimbal.

    • Hi Erik, yes I knew that and I did unplug the gimbal.



    • Awesome!  Glad to hear you got it all figured out and learned a lot in the process!  If you need help adjusting the geofence settings, I can take some screenshots later and walk you through it.  It's actually really easy if you know what you are doing.  Just remember, if you adjust any of the settings/parameters and mess things up, all you have to do is reload the Iris+ params from that drop down menu to reset it back to default.  Good luck and have fun flying!

  • Hola Patricio, soy de México, no es bueno cambiar lo de los 100m puesto que es por seguridad aérea, pero si se puede cambiar esa altura y aun asi funciona.

    Cual es tu problema después de lo que acabas de mencionar? 

  • Well, if you enabled screen sharing on your computer and allowed someone to take control of your PC or Mac, then it would be possible. Of course you would have to be there to plug and unplug the drone, power cycle, etc. There are numerous free Remote Desktop applications that would work.

    However, there are some calibrations that must be done in person. I suppose someone could walk you through each step. It could be an interesting business. Remote drone configuration.

    Unfortunately, I doubt you will find anyone willing to do this. I'd do it for free, but I am not experienced enough with the Iris.

    Your best bet will be to send an email to 3DR Support. They will get back to you very quickly. It will likely take a lot of back and forth by email over a long period of time, but eventually you will get there.

    By the way, it's very easy to disable the GEO Fence. I feel bad for you. Next time you might want to move a little slower and always be super careful about updating firmware or mucking about with settings until you are sure you know what you are doing. If you had sent an email to 3DR Support, they would have provided you step by step directions. There are also numerous YouTube videos.

    Anyway, I hope someone comes along who has the knowledge to help you. Best of luck.
  • Are you using Mission Planner.  If so, this should be an easy fix.  Launch Mission Planner and plug in the Iris.  Don't hit connect.  Go to the firmware page and re-install the Arducopter 3.2.1 firmware.  After successful firmware load, power cycle the Iris (unplug it and plug it back in).  This time hit the Connect button in top right corner.  Now you can go to Config/Tuning, Full Parameter list and choose Iris+ params from the drop down menu on the right side of the screen.  Load those params.  I believe another screen will pop up showing you all of the parameters it is going to change.  Accept them.  Then make sure you hit the Write Params button to save them to the Pixhawk.  You now have gone back to default paramters.  Now you just have to do all of the calibrations.  Do them in this order.  Radio Calibration, accelerometer calibration, compass calibration, ESC calibration.  Then you should be good to go.  Hopefully that all make sense.  I would offer to remote in and do it for you but I don't have my LogMeIn Rescue account anymore.

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