river flight

Did a flight last weekend over a local river.  Very pretty day... and the only way to see the river through the trees is from overhead.  Between the telemetry altitude and my FPV monitor I could even have flown it out of sight along the river via FPV, but I was a good boy and kept visual contact.


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  • Nice video Ray....did you have a mission planned, or was this flown manual?

    • All my flights have been manual so far.  I am working up plans for some nice auto missions but will try some easy ones first.  Also planning to do some aerial videos for some friends that have a horse riding business... and may even try a follow-me mission to get a sequence of horse cross country jumps or show jumping, assuming they have a horse that won't get too agitated by the Iris.  Could be interesting...

    • I use a Galaxy Tab 4 for Running the Tower app now.... my test of follow-me modes didn't go so well when my old tab using a Bluetooth-attached GPS receiver lost 1/sec and the Iris stopped following when it lost the location data from the tablet.... bad things happened after that.

      The Galaxy Tab 4 has an excellent GPS receiver built in, and I've done some testing with the Iris already.

      That would be my tip Ray.... carefully chose the tablet for running Tower, especially if you want to use those follow-me control modes.

    • And I would add that when you are testing out follow me, don't just walk around in a field. Jump on a bike. Get in a car and drive slowly for a couple hundred yards. Follow me seems to work best when your moving at a steady clip. If your wondering back and forth aimlessly in a field, swinging your phone or tablet around in your hand, it just doesn't seem to work well.
    • Thanks for the tips, guys.  If/when I get around to trying follow-me it'll be with my Galaxy S3 with the USB Mavlink telemetry radio and Tower App.

    • Make sure your Mavlink antenna has a clear line of site to the Iris, though it does seem to work through your body. For example, if you test it with a car, open the sun roof and stick the antenna out.

      For biking, I put phone antenna in a backpack or even tape/Velcro it between the shoulder blades. I send the biker on his way, but keep the controller in case something goes wrong and I need to take control back (just flip to alt hold and then back to loiter really quick).

      Also, when you are fist testing, set the altitude of your bird up pretty high above any trees or structures. I've "swung" the Iris into trees while it follows trying to stay behind me.
    • Oh, yeah, controller will be in hand and ready!  BTW, we are all cyclists and I think a cycling jersey rear pocket should be a great place to carry the phone and telemetry radio for a rear follow perspective.

    • I cant emphasize enough what Erik said here:  (just flip to alt hold and then back to loiter really quick).

      I failed to get that sequence correct, after my follow-me faulted, and the next thing I knew a gryo fault sent my Iris off at high speed into a forest.

    • Actually when I first try this I plan to just let follow me go fo a short sequence then flip back to loiter.  IOW, just take a short sequence and not let it run until something goes bad.  But hey, if we wanted a boring quad experience I guess we would have boght DJI Phantoms.  ;-)  Although those have been known to fly away whilst in a more conventional flight mode.

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