Shooting Minature Fake Video from an Iris+

Iris+ community- here is my first test of "Miniature faking using a Canon P&S camera running CHDK & KAP-UAV script". Camera mounted on my Iris+ quadcopter's hard-mount & hovering in LOITER 160 feet above ground.

Youtube Video

 There were some gremlins this AM, on the drone side, and the camera wanted to use the in-focus vertical strip instead of my desired in-focus horizontal strip....likely due to the downward pointing angle of at least 40 degrees.
Next step is to get a gimbal to eliminate the bouncing caused by wind buffeting the camera (acts like a spoiler making the Pixhawk perform constant minor corrections)

I also had an issue with the Iris+ not accepting right stick control input if I used an AutoTakeoff to start the flight. If I took off in manual, no worries.

I triggered the CHDK software running on the Canon P&S camera (ELPH 330HS)  using channel 8 input linked to the Throttle Cut switch.

Long Live the Iris+! - truly a utility drone for us tinkerers!


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