Show 00 Vlt at control screen.

My Iris+ show no voltage at the control. All lights are up and other figures had shown.The battery is full charged but the screen show 00 vlt. I change other 2 batteries show same. What I have to look for. Also frequently have to re calibrate the radio or it wont disarm. So I get tired and order Solo. It will arrive this Friday. May be this is the last time I'm going to give burden to all the members. I'll move to Solo forum to bother there. Before I put aside I'm going to make it fly and put aside. But I'll still come and ask question when my Iris+ has problem. Thanks to all of you and I learn a lot from the forum and all the answers.that provided to me are very helpful.



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    Make sure then batt monitor param is set to 4. I've monitor voltage and current, it may have been reset.
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