Solo vs Iris - for a developer use case?

Hi Iris owners,

I'm a developer looking to purchase my 1st drone and I'm not sure which quad copter is the best option for me.

I've been considering the Iris/dyi-quad as options since they seem to be more developer friendly, but the solo mounts the pixhawk2 despite looking less configurable.

1st thing that I'm interesting in doing is trying to build a web based data telemetry service for a drone.

Can anybody comment on pros/cons for Solo/Iris/dyi-quad for a developer use case?


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  • As far as I'm concerned, the Iris+ is here NOW, and works great, and you can even buy a gimble for it! While the Solo is still under development, so to speak. PH2, (Pixhawk 2), I dunno, also new and more or less untested by the masses. By this time next year, they'll probably have it all worked out, and all their latest and greatest, really available. Releasing the Solo, like they did, was sorta like releasing a new car, but without the wheels and tires. They will come later, "I promise". Seems now-a-days, everyone and their cousin, are releasing new "drones". and every one is supposed to be better than all the others. I'll bet there are more different drone designs for sale, than there are for cars! Just sayin.

  • Start with the Solo. It's just as open as the Iris, or will be soon, but in the meantime, you'll have more fun with it. With respect to a web based data telemetry service, you might want to check out droneshare first.
  • Uneducated view alert; I am not a developer of flight telemetry apps. However it does seem that you would benefit most from using telemetry that is more prevalent in other models, like the stuff that comes through to the radios, rather than anything specific to the solo.

    Or, you want the solo because you DO want to get into that non standard but cutting edge shared system.

    Bought cool options, one more portable, the other more new, and likely a new trend setter.

    • Chris...start your research here

      This iris was available earlier this year...the system you want to look into is mounted on the front.
    • And if anyone knows why my Firefox on Android is munging my inputs to text boxes like that, please share... Sorry for the off topic note..
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