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I've been wanting to setup my Sony Action Cam (HDR AS-100V) on my Iris+ and use it as an FPV trainer. I've mounted the camera, inverted, off the front mount, and attached the video xmitter per Colin Guinn's setup video. But I've never liked hanging the transmitter off the bottom of the Iris with just Velcro. The whole deal is swinging and flopping around when I use for the GoPro/Gimbal.

So per the pics, I've tried attaching on top of a rear arm....rubber band for now. Test tomorrow.  Any better ideas out there?

btw: I'm using the "HandyCam Multi" video out cable cut to connect to the 3DR xmitter. Works great, see pic.  $24 cable cut, but we do what we got to do right?

btw-2: The Sony HDR-AS100V with SteadyShot and GPS has worked well for me on other projects, with better video quality than the GoPro. Too bad there are a lot fewer Sony AC mounting options for quadcopters than the goPro has.




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  • The Sony is a larger form factor for the way you operate a mini camcorder etc.
    Weight wise it's actually a few grams less than a gopro 4 silver.
    Less windage in flight...worked nicely today in test flight.
    • gopro hero 4 silver = 83 grams without housing
      Sony hdr as100v = 67 grams

      Sony doesn't use a touch screen display so there is your weight difference

      I'll post the test flight video tomorrow... Shot in steadycam mode....looked good in the fpv monitor.
    • Wow, it looks a lot heavier than that. Good deal!

    • There are some videos on YouTube showing how to refocus these Sony cams from 11.86 inches out to 25 feet+ which is more appropriate for our drone work.
      When opened up, there is more space inside than a GP.
      Sensor looks identical to that used in a GP...I believe Sony makes them.
    • Here is a test of the Iris+ "Drift Mode". In the FPV monitor it looks like an aircraft flight.

      Drift mode test with GPS track

    • Hi David, Nice interesting do you get the overlay GPS on the video?

    • Those overlays are supplied with the Sony AC video /photo editing software. Pretty slick, but there are other overlay software tools out there.
    • An Iris+ "dronie" shot with the Sony HDR-AS100V. These camera are equipped with a GPS receiver so a track and other data can be overlaid on the video.  While inverted, the camera's GPS cannot see the sky very well so it looks a tad inaccurate and slow to lock.

      Sony dronie here

  • I'm amazed that the Iris handles that weight hanging out there. How much does the Handycam weigh?

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