Suggestion for solvation of the lack of spare parts problem

Hi every one who likes Iris and other drones and soon can force the problem with lack of spare parts.

I decided to create a pressmold for propellers and legs for begining. 
And today created drawings and 3d model for propellers CW and CCW. I attached them to the message.

The point is that the mold costs quite expensive but in case of availibility the cost of propellers will be extremely cheaper.
I could start crowdfunding but i'm not a citizen of USA. And talking about the price of the mould, in the US it is so expensive, that any efforts to create it shoud be ensured by the large circulation.
As I am going to spend money and i decided to sugget you guys to participate for the common good.

From my side, i can guarantee full transparency and free spare parts for participants. Need to be negotiated the quantity of course.

Also I have full information about costs and terms, which i can send you at your request (i believe i shouldn't print it here).

If somebody interested, please feel free to contact me personaly. i'll clarify all needed information.




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  • Why bother going to all this trouble? Basically, the Iris+ is a collection (at a greatly reduced price) of top shelf parts that can easily fit onto another frame.  I bought a set of arms (wish they came with legs) and once they're all broken I'm just going to buy a 400 to 450 frame and move everything over to it...even a flamewheel would work really well. The shell is nice, but it is a little annoying to take the thing apart.

    As far as props go, the 3DR (actually T motor) are pretty well balanced, but you can buy others elsewhere. I really like the Graupner props, but you will need to buy an adapter because the shaft size is different.

    BTW, I've printed my own landing legs and they work pretty well. I'm on my third iteration and am steadily improving the design...

  • the Iris props are standard T-motor 9.5" props with the self tightening bullet holder, they're about $10 for a CCW and CW pair including the bullet.

    Cheap arms, or even better, mounts that would fit in the iris body, but allow us to fit carbon tube arms. Those would be nice.

    • Cheap arms and the peace of arm's mount with fitting for carbon tube is possible. I would say it's more easy for me to creat a drawing and 3d model than propeller, because these parts do not moves.

      But first i need to know the diameter and cut section, photos would be nice.

      I can say even more. I calculated all expenses for propellers and arms and could be able to suggest pair of props for $5 and pair of arms for $10. That special arm fitting would be around $5 for pair. It means - twice cheaper....

      So, guys it'll great if some will participate in that project or will help with crowfunding stuff or something esle. The full amount really is not big, it's normal. If you interesting please direct me your thoughts to

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