Telemetry not connecting

Hi everyone, I'm new to the group and happy to find the group. I recently purchased Iris+ and updated the firmware on Mission Planner. Now I don't have telemetry. So far I have re-added the Iris+ Parameters with no luck. The only thing that seems to work until I shut down the TX is pulling the cable in the back of the TX that connects to the RF Module out and putting it back...this only works temp. These were both suggestions from 3DR. Any advice is appreciated.

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    • Thomas this is what i got after following the link and directions. Still looks like i'm missing some info on the remote side?


    • Admin


      If you are using the 3DR 915MHz v2 telemetry radios, you can plug each one in individually to your PC running MP and program it as a local radio.

      I would not try and copy the local settings to the remote radio by the rf connection.



    • Hi thank you for checking...The Remote side has nothing populated. I added a screen shot to show what I see.


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