Unable to download logs from IRIS


I'm unable to download logs from IRIS. When I connect to it in MissionPlanner terminal it keeps outputting strange characters every second. First it prints standard 

Ready to FLY ublox OK

then it prints strange characters like 

QMQH3Qv... and so on, endless sequence, there is also PreArm: INS not healthy text from time to time.

What can be the reason? Other than terminal issue the IRIS works just fine.

Thank you,


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  • Developer

    There is no need to use the terminal any more.

    Look in the Dataflash Logs tab under the PFD and select Download Dataflash logs via MAVlink.

    By the way the stream of data you are seeing is the normal MAVlink data stream from the vehicle.  If you still want to use the terminal, you have to connect within 20Seconds of power up.  After that the vehicle will not enter Terminal mode.

    • Thank you very much!

      Though, I'm getting the same issue even when connected to terminal within 20 seconds after power up. Hopefully I'll not need it.

    • I was so happy to find this post, now I can get into terminal again with APM :)  Well no this didn't work. Using the latest 3.2 RC14 and MP 1.3.10 I can not get into terminal even when connecting within 20s (or 10s or 5s).

      The reason I need into terminal is to enable the "camera" log for georeferencing photos. I'm trying to use spline to follow a creek and take photos but also need to georeference them with the camera log.

      Is there some other way I can get into terminal or is there a way to enable the camera log via mavlink?  There is no "camera" option in the log bitmask under "standard parameters"

      Thanks to anyone that can help

    • Developer

      Hi Dean

      We removed the terminal from the APM boards to create enough room to fit the copter code.  Fortunately you can do everything with either MAVlink or the full parameter list.

      You can find the options for the Log bitmask here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/arducopter-parameters/#Log_bitmask...

    • Thanks Craig, it was your comment  "If you still want to use the terminal, you have to connect within 20Seconds of power up" that threw me off since this is clearly not the case for any of the 3.2 versions.

      Unfortunately the link you provided does not help my situation since I want "default + camera" which is not  an option with the current Mission Planner, using the "nearly all" option does not really tell me much and I don't want to bog down the processor.

      This now actually belongs in the 3.2 beta testing post but I did figure this out.  Normally I'm not this smart but I rolled back to AC 3.1.5 went into terminal and enabled "camera" in the logs. Then I connected with mavlink and checked the "log bitmask" under standard parameters, its blank, that's fine. I checked "log bitmask" in full parameter list and found the magic number to be -31938 (for default + camera).  Now I have loaded up AC3.2 RC14 again and voila the magic number is still there, but if I want look at vibrations I will have to change this bitmask accordingly and then to get back to camera logs I will have to remember the number.

      I know this post no longer belongs here, I will post something in the 3.2 beta testing area in a few hours that might help others that want to enable logs that are not an option using the Mavlink connection.

    • Developer

      Hi Dean 

      The original question was about an Iris and since the Iris has a Pixhawk in it the terminal mode is still there if you want to use it.  It is just removed for APM.

      As for the Bitmask, Mission Planner only lists a few off the more common options, (or we would run out of space on the screen) but all of them are available to program.  The individual bits are all listed here https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/blob/master/ArduCopter/defin...

      I hope that helps.

    • Ugggg, your so right. I knew I shouldn't be here on an Iris topic.  What will really help is if I just get a Pixhawk :)  That link is really over my head but I do appreciate your attention to this.  For me the issue I had is now resolved.

      Thanks Craig

    • 3D Robotics

      I believe that the terminal has been removed on the latest version of the flight code for APM (not Pixhawk) because there is no more memory left for it on the older 8-bit platform. It was originally designed to allow cross-platform setup but that is now provided by the cross-platform GCSs so it is no longer needed.  Craig will be able to confirm. 

      Did you check the Full Parameter List?

    • Thanks Chris, this was my understanding too, until I read Craigs post, perhaps he is referring to a previous firmware release.  I will search through the Full Parameter List again, but its a long list when I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for :)

    • ^ This. Much easier to use than the terminal and makes analyzing your logs much simpler.

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